Starting your day

Start each day with focus on your highest values and let this reflect in all your activities throughout the day no matter what circumstances you encounter. Be mindful when to speak, listen, act, observe or let things pass by. Let purpose guide any action you take.

Don’t forget that the primary intention is not what you will gain alone without regards to the big picture, rather what value you will add both to yourself and others in what you do.

Known and Unknown

The known is limited and will always remain limited no matter the progress we make in science.

The unknown is very interesting and can be alluded as a force that propels all things forward. The unknown is infinite and will remain so, no matter how much of it is revealed.

We are limited when we operate within the boundaries of the known. The unknown is there to be explored and we should do so if we are not bound by the fear of uncertainty and desire an expanded experience.

Finding purpose

If you are struggling to find your purpose, I have good news for you.

Look for your bad habits, your perceived limitations, unfinished tasks and make them your purpose to sort out. Write them down, draw out an action plan and monitor progress. If you cannot make any progress after 60 days and see yourself falling back to the bad habits, then you are not ready. Start again and be persistent until you notice tangible progress.

Greater purpose will be revealed to as you remove the stumbling blocks in your life.

Nature of problem

All problems are effects. To deal with them, you have to understand the part you played in the original cause. You also have to understand that the cause is in the past and cannot be undone. Once above foundation has been set, the next thing is to make a decision to stop repeating in the present, similar actions that caused the problem. Be realistic on what YOU (not another person or government) can do to set up new good causes and ensure to follow through your plans on daily basis for your own transcendence. Know that the problems in your life provide feedback and unique experiences required to help you better chart your life course; hence do not dwell too much on them, rather take the lessons learned and focus on the next cool thing you want to experience in life.