Emotional pain

Emotional pain is caused when we refuse to let go and surrender to life.
Life current is too strong for anyone to work against and it will always be to our own peril if we do so.
When next you find yourself not able to get through your uncomfortable emotions and pain of the past, consider that you may just be working in the wrong direction and life will cause you pain so that your only option will be to change course.
I cannot overemphasize on the need to let go and be in the moment; to focus on our highest ideals and ensure our day to day actions reflect it. Practise this daily and consistently and you will be fine.

Be creative, active and proactive. Have a plan of action on any thing you want to achieve or conquer and consistently follow through your plan both mentally and physically.

Above all things make your self ready for enlightenment, new experience and great success. Never give in to limiting thoughts and feelings whenever you feel like you’re not making progress or hit a stumbling block. Maintain positive energy by constant practice of right actions, positive affirmations and meditation, no matter the state of your circumstances.

Life Experience

Life has taught me that slow and steady do actually win the race.

Don’t try to run ahead of your shadow. Don’t try to grab it all at once. Don’t even try to think you can always predict the future correctly. Stick to doing your best at all times, reevaluating your current situation and making decision on how best you can make progress.

Live happily from where you are now, not where you were yesterday or want to be tomorrow. Things always work out- just look back and see the evidence.

Do we have free will?

I was pondering upon the question of free will this morning (11/09/18) and it was dawned on me that we actually do have a free will. However we are not allowed by life and purpose to exercise whatever we think is our free will fully.

Life by its nature is purpose driven, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Life must live its full course and we have to surrender sooner or later to it or be broken by it if we get in the way.

If you are struggling in any area of your life, take a seat back and check whether you are navigating against the current of life. It may be that a change in the course of direction is highly needed and you must change course to have a whole new experience or continue with the struggle.

Both decisions (to continue with the struggle or change course) are very difficult to our mental self, but to progress we must try something different. Failure to do so will keep us bound in perpetual human suffering.


Today is all you have.

Live your highest ideal today.

Follow your heart today.

Do your best today.

Do not carry over the burden of yesterday into today.

Do not bring forward the weight of tomorrow’s expectations today.

Enjoy what is laid before you today.